Servicing the North Michigan area for over 15 years, Batticaloamc Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning is dedicated to bringing you the best service possible for your home. We offer full installation, replacement, and renovation, including but not limited to Plumbing (bathroom, washer, dryer, water heater, water softener, etc.), Heaters including ducts, HVAC units, etc. and Air Conditioners with full ventilation, AC units, and more. We offer full parts, labor, and estimates with in-house contractors for all jobs.

Cory White, CEO



Over the course of owning a home or business, piping is prone to corroding, rusting, and decaying. We offer full services in replacing all tubing in your home and business.


Our contractors are fully certified to replace your Furnace with 24/7 emergency response in times of failure during Michigan's harsh winters. All Furnace installation and replacements come with a 10 year warranty including full service and labor.

Air Conditioning

AC units are vital during those warm summers. Air Conditioning unit installation are where we started, and where we strive to be our best at. We offer year round installation and replacement and back up all work done with our Battricloamc Guarantee(TM).

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