Rotor Blade Business :(86-518)80307795

    Contact: Sun Yunliang

    Email: sunyunliang@lzfrp.com

    Contact: Li Jing

    Email: lijing@lzfrp.com

    GRP Pipe and Tanks Business:lzexport@lzfrp.com;0086-518-80307663

    GRP Pipes Sales Department (GRP pipes for Nuclear station, LNG Projects, Seawater Desalination, municipal construction, etc. )

    Contact: Yang Zeping

    Email: Yangzeping@lzfrp.com

    Large GRP Tanks Sales Department (Large GRP tanks in the job site, Nonstandard Products, Stack ect)

    Contact: Liu Yang

    Email: Liuyang@lzfrp.com

    GRE Pipes Sales Department (GRP Pipes for Oilfield, CBM ect, GRE High Pressure Pipes,Tubings, Screen pipes ect. )

    Contact: Sun Kesuo

    Email: Sunkesuo@lzfrp.com

    Overseas Sales for GRP /GRE pipes, Tanks, Membrane and other GRP products

    Contact: Bella Xu

    Email: lzexport@lzfrp.com; xuxiuming@lzfrp.com

    Offshore Marine GRE pipes Sales Department (Pipes for offshore Marine, Offshore Platform Engineering, Desulfurization Pipeline ect)

    ContactTian Chaokai


    GRP Fittings and GRP Tanks with Diameter Less Than 4000mm Sales Department

    Contact: Gao Yongle

    Email: gaoyongle@lzfrp.com

    Double-wall Oil Storage Tanks and Integrated Pump station Sales department

    Contact: Ouyangchun

    Email: Ouyangchun@lzfrp.com

    CNG Cylinders Sales

    Contact: Liu Yangtao


    Water Treatment Projects

    Contact: Zhang Guojun