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    Yang Jie, CNBM Party Committee Standing Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, visited Zhongfu Lianzhong to carry out special supervision and inspection.
    On March 25, Yang Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of CNBM, and his delegation visited Zhongfu Lianzhong to conduct special supervision and inspection on the Party construction work of mixed-ownership enterprises. Liubiao, CNBM vice president, CCGC Party secretary, chairman, general manager, also participated in the supervision and inspection.Before the meeting, Yang Jie and his party conducted field research on the rotor blade project, the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane and elements project and the Zhongfu Carbon Core Cable Technology Co., Ltd., emphasizing the importance of enterprise safety production and epidemic prevention and control work.Wang Lutian, deputy secretary of CNBM Discipline Inspection Commission and director of the Case Hearing Room of CNBM, Lu Miao, deputy director of the Comprehensive Room of CNBM Discipline Inspection Commission, He Jixiu, deputy secretary of CCGC Party Committee and secretary of CCGC Discipline Inspection Commission, and the leading group of Zhongfu Lianzhong attended the meeting.
    Leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology visited Zhongfu Lianzhong to investigate the construction and application of "5G+ Industrial Internet".
    On March 25, Chang Ruping, the second-level inspector of Jiangsu Industry and Information Department, and Ni Jun, deputy director of Information Infrastructure and Equipment Department, visited Zhongfu Lianyungang to investigate the construction and application of "5G+ Industrial Internet" and held a symposium, accompanied by Xi Shizhan, deputy director of Lianyungang Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and Li Xiuyun, director of Informationization Development Department. Nanyang, Zhongfu Lianzhong General Manager, Sun Wei, Deputy General Manager attended the meeting.Chang Ruping and his party visited Zhongfu Membranes & Water Techology Co.,Ltd. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Base, understood in detail the construction and application of the enterprise "5G+ industrial Internet", and listened carefully to the report on the informatization construction of Zhongfu Linzhong.
    Wang Yumeng, CNBM Party Committee Standing Committee and Vice General Manager, visited Zhongfu Lianzhong to carry out special work inspection.
    On March 24th, Wang Yumeng, member of the standing committee and vice general manager of CNBM, Shao Xiaoyang, general manager of company management department and safety and environmental protection department, and their party visited Zhongfu Lianzhong to inspect and guide the special work of safety and environmental protection, accompanied by Nanyang, Zhongfu Lianzhong members of the Party committee and general manager, and Wang Tongbing, deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy general manager.
    Zhongfu Lianzhong held a comprehensive risk management and internal control system construction project acceptance meeting.
    Held on March 24 in the afternoon, boosted by even the comprehensive risk management and internal control system construction project acceptance meeting and Internal Control Management Manual conference, secretary of the party committee, chairman of the board of directors Qiao Guanghui attended the meeting and delivered a speech, the company leadership team members and related departments, nearly 40 people attended, head of the meeting shall be presided over by CFO Zhang Xiaoping.Qiao Guanghui thanked the consultants and the project team for their hard work and gave full affirmation to the achievements of the system construction.He pointed out that the launch of the internal control system construction project to prevent risks is a major decision made by the company after comprehensive consideration of internal and external factors. This conference is not only a summary of the construction of internal control system, but also a kick-off meeting for the normalization of internal control work marked by internal control evaluation.
    Zhongfu Lianzhong held the publicity and ideological work conference in 2021.
    In order to further implement the spirit of the company's 2021 work conference and the Party Committee's special meeting on ideology work, Zhongfu Lianzhong held the 2021 publicity and ideological work meeting on March 20, to summarize the publicity and ideological work in 2020 and arrange and deploy the work in 2021.Wang Tongbing, deputy party secretary and deputy general manager, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. More than 40 people from various departments, business units, subsidiaries and companies participated in the meeting.The meeting publicized and implemented the management measures of Zhongfu Lianzhong news publicity work (trial), and reported the advanced model publicity plan in 2021 and the situation of CFRP correspondent team.Staff representatives from the Blade Business Division, the Pipe and Tank Business Division, functional departments and external companies made exchanges and speeches respectively, and put forward good opinions and suggestions on the company's propaganda and ideological work in terms of corporate culture concept, publicity carrier, internationalization of content and so on.
    Zhongfu Lianzhong launched the CMPMC project.
    On March 13th, Zhongfu Lianzhong held the CMPMC (cost management based on process monitoring and control) project kick-off meeting. Qiao Guanghui, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the board, attended the meeting and made a speech. Wang Tongbing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and deputy general manager, chaired the meeting. A total of 44 people, including the company's leading team members, middle-level and above managers and project team members, attended the event in the form of video conference.Qiao Guanghui explained the connotation of CMPMC and emphasized the importance of process management. In view of the implementation of follow-up projects, he put forward three requirements: First, pay attention to practical results, do a good job of overall planning and highlight the focus of work. Second, reach a consensus, do a good job of inter-departmental cooperation, form a resultant force. Third, interact with other work, communicate and coordinate with each other, to promote synergistic effect.