• Main information

    High automation degree and production efficiency: The entire production process is under the centralized control of the computer. The operator only needs to monitor the production process, ensuring the supply of raw materials and the handling of finished pipes. Besides,the production efficiency can reach 2-4 times of the traditional fixed-length winding process.

    Stable quality and performance: Feeding system, winding system, curing system and trimming & cutting system all work under the precise control of the computer. The production process is basically not affected by human factors and external conditions, and the product quality is stable and reliable.

    Excellent pipe structure: The deflection can reach more than 2 times of the national standard rated value, and the bending strength can reach 1.5 -2 times of the national standard rated value.Excellent deflection and high bending strength greatly improve the anti-failure ability of the pipeline after deformation.

    Quick on-site installation: Adapting outer diameter system, pipes have the same outer diameter and is connected with muff joints. The pipe can be cut and connected at will according to the conditions on the construction site, and various types of fittings can be processed conveniently to be connected with other pipes or equipment made of other materials.

    Product specification

      DIAMETER: DN100-4000 

      pressure class: 0.1 MPA, 0.6 MPA, 1.0 MPA, 1.6 MPA, 2.0 MPA, 2.5 MPA

      rigidity class: SN1250, SN2500, SN5000, SN10000 

      length: 6M, 12m


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