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    Product Features: 1

    Advanced equipment and mature technology. In 1995, our company took the lead in introducing a set of microcomputer control, double winding wire head, vertical winding large storage tank production equipment from Tanklnetics, a company from U.S.A., and signed a domestic contract of buyout price. This equipment is the only one large on-site microcomputer-controlled vertical winding machine in China, and has obtained the national patent certificate.

    2.Drafting national standard. National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice No.60 of 2007, approving the official release of the HG/T3983-2007 Chemical Corrosion Resistance Site Wound FRP Large Containers standard drafted by Zhongfu Lianzhong.

    3.Outstanding typical performances.Outstanding completion of some large and difficult projects at home and abroad, such as Yantai Wanhua large tanks, nine 6000 cubic tanks, Hubei Sanning Chemical two 5000 cubic tanks, etc.


    Chlor-alkali industry, sulphur-based compound fertilizer industry, epichlorohydrin, fluorine chemical industry,organic silicon/polysilicon industry, pesticide industry, chloromethane industry, paper industry, iron and Steel/Smelting (copper smelting, lead and zinc smelting, electrolytic nickel, electrodeposited nickel, power wave system), phosphoric acid/ammonium phosphate, oilfield sewage, brewing,lactic acid, sea water desalination, water industry, etc.

    Product specification

      DIAMETER: DN4000-30000

      VOLUME: 75-10000M 3

      pressure: Atmospheric pressure


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