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    Less occupation: buried underground, no civil construction of pump station on the ground, no occupation of land.

     High level of integration: as an integrated unit, a complete set of prefabricated barrel, submersible sewage pump, piping system, crushing grille, control system, lifting device, exhaust device and other components in a complete set.

     Automatic control: Submersible pump adopts pressure sensor or liquid level float ball to automatically control the start and stop. The crushing grilles are normally on and can be automatically turned over in case of large objects. So the whole pump station is automatically operated without special personnel on duty. At the same time, it can adopt intelligent control of mobile communication, with remote monitoring platform, man-machine dialogue interface display and mobile terminal control.

    Function expansion: It can be used with the integrated sewage treatment device to realize the standard discharge of sewage treatment or used in sewage reuse occasions.

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