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    Zhongfu Lianzhong won the honor of Green Factory of Jiangsu Province
    On December 24th, Jiangsu Department of Industry and Information Technology officially issued a notice on the list of Green factories in Jiangsu Province (the second batch), and Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co., Ltd. was successfully selected.The award of Jiangsu Green factory title is the recognition and affirmation of green production and manufacturing level of Zhongfu Lianzhong.In order to achieve the goal of emission peak and carbon neutrality, Zhongfu Lianzhong will play an exemplary role in promoting the construction of green manufacturing system in an all-round way, making greater contribution to the sustainable development of society.
    LZ Blades:The key laboratory of Offshore Wind Turbine Blade Design and Manufacture Technology of Jiangsu province, successfully completed the static test of the longest carbon fiber blade in China.
    Recently, the longest carbon fiber blades(102m) in China successfully passed the static test in LZ Blade’s key laboratory of Offshore Wind Power Blade Design and Manufacture Technology of Jiangsu province. The test was in strict accordance with the IEC61400-23 standard and the test data is highly consistent with the design, which verifies the high reliability of the design and manufacture of this over-100-meter-class carbon fiber blade. With its professional skills, LZ Blades has continuously and efficiently completed tests in multiple directions, which fully reflects the full-equipped hardware, efficient and accurate test capabilities of LZ Blades for full-scale structural testing of over-100-meter-class blades. During the test, the innovative use of safe, fast and efficient loading and unloading technology with super-large flange and multi-point load precise matching and cooperative control technology, self-adaptive flexible hoisting technology of the whole blade, super large blade root bending moment load slewing support technology, etc. provides valuable experience on future test of super-high-power wind turbine blades. Based on the industry’s common and prospective technologies, LZ Blades is committed to building a corporation with internationally advanced large wind turbine blade design, manufacturing and testing capabilities, providing public technical support and services for the design, manufacturing and testing of large wind power blades. The test center of LZ Blades has successively obtained CNAS and DNVGL accreditation.
    Zhong Fu Lianzhong carry out the Mid-Autumn Festival safety work inspection
    On September 18th afternoon, in order to ensure the company's safe production during the festival and effectively do a good job in various safety work, the Party secretary and chairman of the company Qiao Guanghui, and general manager Nanyang led the safety production inspection team to carry out a major inspection on the safety production before the Mid-Autumn Festival in Lianyungang blade factory,Pipe & tank factory and the fifth blade branch.Qiao guanghui stressed that we should continue to pay attention to safety issues, the more important holidays, the more we should enhance safety awareness. The production safety inspection was carried out mainly about the following three aspects: personnel, equipment and management. 
    Cheng Lijun, deputy director of Anyang Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee and chairman of Anyang Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, visited Zhongfu Lianzhong (Anyang) Company.
    September 8th morning , Cheng Lijun, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Anyang Municipal People's Congress and chairman of Anyang Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and his delegation went to Zhongfu Lianzhong (Anyang) Company to investigate and guide the work of trade unions, accompanied by Zhao Lei, general manager of Zhongfu Lianzhong (Anyang) company, and Dong Wentao, chairman of labor union accompanied.Cheng Lijun and his delegation visited Anyang company exhibition hall, Party building activity room, staff home, staff talk chamber and staff restaurant, understanding Anyang company in all aspects of development. He highly recognized the work of the Anyang company's trade union, and pointed out that the work of the trade union should be closely combined with the Party building work to better promote the development of the enterprise and safeguard the rights and interests of workers.Since its establishment, Zhongfu Lianzhong (Anyang) Co., LTD has not only filled the blank of wind power industry blade manufacturing in Anyang area, but also promoted the development of local economy and created many employment opportunities. Anyang, in recent years, actively promote the unions standardization construction, making the labor organization strong work more effectively. Next, the company will continue to make innovative practices, so that the labor union could work better in the future.
    First 100-meter offshore blade manufactured by LZ Blades
    On September 1,the first large-scale 100-meter offshore wind turbine blade of LZ Blades was successfully completed in Lianyungang blade production base. The blade is 102 meters long and adopts new interface fusion technologies such as carbon fiber spar cap, blade root prefabrication and trailing edge auxiliary beam prefabrication. This kind of process could effectively shortens the blade production cycle and improves quality reliability. LZ Blades is one of the enterprises engaged in the R&D, production, testing and service of megawatt wind turbine blades in China,with a strong R&D team,the largest blade production base and the most complete series of blade.Over the past ten years, LZ Blades and Electric Wind Power (part of Shanghai Electric group) have continuously expanded the scope, fields and ways of cooperation and established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. The S102 blade is an important achievement of the bilateral cooperation.It is worth mentioning that the annual power generation capacity of the blade unit could satisfy the annual electricity consumption of 50,000 households, which is equivalent to reduce 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.As planned,S102 will be delivered to the test center of LZ Blades for inherent frequency,static test,fatigue test and post-static test.The development and testing of S102 will promote the industrial application of large-scale wind turbine blade and large megawatt units in China and will open a new era of offshore wind power.